November 22

The Fitting – a free complete makeover for one deserving woman

A free complete makeover for one deserving woman! Every woman needs to feel beautiful and this is our chance to give back by transforming someone’s look, with fashion styling, hair and makeup design as well as teaching them the tricks and the trades for how to continue with this themselves. I introduce to you, “The […]

November 20

Styling Imagine Dragons music video – The Wasatch Wardrobe

It continues to be busy with getting some fittings in with performers Christmas shows, wrapping on shoots among launching a soon to be released project for a new non-profit so I have NOT had time to shoot much and I’m sad and miss it and will do so as soon as I can! Nonetheless, I […]

November 13

Top 4 online stylist’s designer secrets – The Wasatch Wardrobe

I’ve been quite busy with some shoots (Imagine Dragons “on top of the world” video) that it’s held me back from posting Utah fashions! Hold tight, some great ones are coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy some affordable splurging with tips on today’s column. Top 4 online stylist’s designer secrets Also, here’s the video just […]

November 06

Fashion should be comfortable – The Wasatch Wardrobe

Today’s column focuses on a fashion necessity I always adhere to, fashion should be comfortable. No more twisting ankles, adjusting your shirt or pulling up your pants, wear those pieces that make you feel at-ease with comfort and style. Would love to hear your thoughts. Fashion should be comfortable – The Wasatch Wardrobe, Daily Herald

October 31

SLC, City Creek

It’s one of those moments you pass someone and have no idea how you recognize him. I noticed his pants right away, but was in a hurry to an apt., so I decided not to stop. Moments later he ran up and reminded me that I had dressed him for a recent Lagoon shoot extra […]

October 25

Is street style taking over the fashion industry? – The Wasatch Wardrobe

Check out the latest article for my column, The Wasatch Wardrobe, for, The Daily Herald Is street style taking over the fashion industry?. Featuring some of the great finds on the streets that have been posted on, The Raw Tog.

October 24

SLC, City Creek

This pretty lady pulls off such a cozy and fashionable combo with her leggings and duster while out shopping on a beautiful afternoon. She kindly accepted that it was alright I take her photograph for the blog after I flagged her down coming out of Anthropologie. Her leopard scarf, appropriately worn leggings and recycled bag […]

October 18

SLC, City Creek

This is one of the best dressed people I know, and literally the most challenging person I’ve attempted to dress, several times (due to him already having his own nature of great style, but in all shopping reality? The perfectly suited body for all retail.) I introduce to you, my husband, Jared Shores. I forced […]

October 16

Featuring Kingdom & State

As noted in the “About” of The Raw Tog, Utah designers of clothing, makeup and every other sort of beauty line will be featured on occasion as it well represents the amazing talents and creations that come from our state. The first featured design for the blog is that of, Kingdom & State’s Fall line […]

October 14

SLC, U of U Campus

An art history professor, the one you love most because she’s hip, kind and intelligent. Caught her off guard with one of her friends. The friend being excited to have witnessed the fashion flattery of me taking her photograph. Makes me want to take art history by someone who pulls off pattern mixing, in a […]